Home of Fiery Biscuits 

Made in Huddersfield

Vinny Harrison

Andy Race

Singer & Tambourine Tuner

Lead Guitars

The founder member of the Band, he's not born in Yorkshire but we try not to hold that against him.  Can be regularly seen around Kirklees in an enormous white van stopping only to help old ladies cross the road or damsels in distress


Since moving to West Yorkshire from Lancashire in 1999, I've had stints in many bands covering lots of genres, Bands Inc., Memorabilia, The Glammed, Jeepster, Afterglow, Rockdogz, The Doctors and Rewind, Played at holiday camps, football grounds, corporate events, and club land. Looking forward to the next project with the crazy Fiery Biscuits.


Andy Davies

Graham Stansfield

Drums & Backing Vocals

Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

I started playing the drums at the age of 17.  I had lessons with a private tutor then had more lessons at the age of 25 with the drummer from the Buzzcocks.  Spent 8 years in a band from Oldham called The Runs and did session work for some major bands in the 90s before coming to live in Huddersfield.

I've been living in Huddersfield for 10 years now and have had the pleasure of playing in a few of great bands; Helter Skelter, The Love Vandals and played 7 years with Band of Oz.

Goggs was born and bred in Halifax, Yorkshire not Canada. He was a late developer when it came to playing with his instrument, not learning till his mid 20’s. Not content playing with himself in his bedroom “which didn’t amuse the wife”. He got involved with a few local projects. He has played with a number of popular local bands such as Forgotten Mission, Azika and co formed the band Lotuss. Having missed a previous opportunity to join the biscuit crew he wasn’t about to miss out again and finally joined the team in March 2015.