A Bit About Us

Fiery Biscuits are an exciting Rock/Indie/Pop Covers band from Huddersfield; we take popular classic hit songs and give them a rocky edge.  Supporting artist such as Hue 'n' Cry, Aswad, Scouting for Girls, Toploader and Big Country we can rock out with the best.


We travel all over Yorkshire, Lancashire, North East and the North West. Our show is one of the most exciting live performances you will see from a totally live band, we are fully equipped with a top of the range PA and Lighting system.


Our show can be adjusted to suit any of your needs, don’t hesitate and give us a call so you can experience the Quality, Energy and Passion of Vinny, Andy, Matt and Rick.

Vinny Harrison

Andy Davies

Rick DaCosta

Matt Coates

Singer & Tambourine Tuner

Drums & Backing Vocals

Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals

Bass Guitar

The founder member of the Band, he's not born in Yorkshire (Derby) but we try not to hold that against him. He can be regularly seen around Huddersfield and Braford in an enormous white van Just waving at every one. He's been playing venues all over the UK either in a duo and for the past 15 years in Bands, he's even tried his hand at acting. 


Favourite Saying:

'Don't worry I'll sort it'

Rick was born in 1968 and still not dead despite his appearance.  He's a natural born musician, he started at the tender age of 3 months old when he performed his first solo fart without following through.  He's also performed with musical luminaries such as Javid Bowie and Englethorpe Humpdeflumft but despite this has still managed to be skint.  Rick says he's happy to be a Biscuit and not a Jaffa Cake.

Favourite saying:

'Stay in touch wth your inner duck'

Started playing the drums at the age of 17 having lessons with a private tutor then had more lessons at the age of 25 with the drummer from the Buzzcocks.  Spent 8 years in a band from Oldham called The Runs and did session work for some major bands in the 90's before coming to live in Huddersfield.

Has been living in Huddersfield for 15 years now and have had the pleasure of playing in a few of great bands; Helter Skelter, The Love Vandals and played 9 years with Band of Oz.

Favourite saying:

'leave it with me'

Hailing from Huddersfield 'Matt the Bass' Like most people was born at a very young age.  His parents both left him before he was born and he was raised by a kindly witch until a pair of rascals baked her in an oven. Setting off into the winderness with nothing in his hands but a bass guitar, stale loaf of bread and an eclectic taste in music he hopes to achieve his ambition of mastering all four strings. With this in mind he finally 

joined the Fiery Biscuits in August 2019.

Favourite saying:


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